Marty’s Unofficial Yet Completely Definitive Captain Canuck Comicography, sorta …

My love for Captain Canuck spans decades having been introduced to the Captain when I found his first issue at a local second-hand bookstore in the early 1980’s. The idea of a Canadian superhero struck a nationalist flame in my heart that has not wavered since.

On the following pages, I will do my best to list every Captain Canuck comic book, appearance and more from the humble beginnings to the end of the Chapterhouse era. For more recent Captain Canuck publications head on over to the current source of Captain Canuck goodies, Lev Gleason Publishing

Every category with an * is incomplete but you might find the correct information on the old 2018 site available from the menu above. I’ll be updating as soon as possible. If, by chance, I have missed anything or you can provide additional insight… please send me an email.

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