Captain Canuck Year One Book 2

2019 published by Chapterhouse Publishing
28 pages

Co-written by Jay Baruchel & Kalman Andrasofszky, drawn by Marcus To

The lost tale of how Tom Evans became the hero known as Captain Canuck continues in “Sur Saray,” the story that began in the Captain Canuck Free Comic Book Day special and co-written by Jay Baruchel (Undeclared, This is the End, Goon 2, How to Train Your Dragon)! Tom Evans has returned to service in Afghanistan, newly empowered by his encounter at Site: Aleph, but still reeling from the ordeal. Assigned to support the notorious mercenary group Parsifal, Evans is horrified to discover the extent of their brutal subjugation of the people. Torn between his orders and a burning need to stand against injustice, Tom must find a way to balance a soldier’s duty with a hero’s conscience.

Cover by Cary Nord released print-on-demand and distributed through the Chapterhouse Official Fan Club February 2019.