Canuck Beyond and Captain Battle 1a (FCBD 2020)

2020 published by Chapterhouse Publishing
32 pages

Co-written by Keith WTS Morris & others, drawn by Esteban Calvi & others

Tom Evans, Known to the world as Captain Canuck, died saving the planet from an alien invasion… or so we thought. Having been flung through an inter-dimensional space engine he now finds himself stranded on an alien world deep within the universe someplace… Beyond.

Back on Earth, Captain Battle —America’s genius Army inventor— has suited up to track down the last remnants of those who betrayed Earth during the Invasion, starting with HALO’s Saskia Reid. And he’s not alone, after losing his son during the Invasion, retribution has become a family affair, meaning his daughter Susie, aka ‘Souvenir’, gets to tag along and become a hero in her own right.