Captain Canuck Year One Book 5.2 & 5.3

2020 published by Chapterhouse Publishing
36 pages

Written and drawn by Ho Che Anderson

Redcoat Year One: A master spy with an indomitable will, Olivia Wallace Yeates has spent most of her life defining herself. From meager beginnings as a rowdy delinquent on the mean streets of South London, she found herself drawn into service, eventually training in the art of espionage with a secret arm of the SAS known as “the Redcoats”. Tragedy struck and almost the entirety of the Redcoats were wiped out. Overcoming that loss, Olivia took the codename “Redcoat” to honour her fallen comrades. Soon, she found herself recruited into Equilibrium to work closely with Michael Evans and Captain Canuck. Now, an enigmatic adversary emerges who knows secrets from her past and to the torment of REDCOAT, isn’t afraid to expose them!

Cover B drawn by Ho Che Anderson

Print-on-Demand Edition Flip Book.

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