Captain Canuck Season 4 Issue 4

2020 published by Chapterhouse Publishing
32 pages – Captain Canuck #20 legacy numbering

Co-written by Jay Baruchel & Van Jensen, drawn by Patrick Macchi & Diego Albuquerque

While pockets of resistance begin to pop up in cities around the world, time is running
out to stop Michael’s plan to sacrifice Toronto in order to stop the Borealis invasion. As Michael frees the Empyrean Generator, Kebec and Freelance mount a rescue mission to free Canuck, Crucible and the Human-Lizard from captivity aboard a Borealis warship. Shortly, the heroes arrive in Toronto in time to meet the bulk of the invasion fleet and count down the
final seconds to the massive explosion Michael has set into motion…

Cover by John Gallagher

Print-on-demand edition.