Invasion 0e (Canada Day Special 2018)

2018 published by Chapterhouse Publishing
36 pages – Captain Canuck #16 legacy numbering

Co-written by Jay Baruchel & Van Jensen, drawn by Leonard Kirk

Invasion is Chapterhouse’s first major event, taking place in the pages of Captain Canuck Season Four throughout the summer of 2017 and bringing together heroes of the Chapterverse – Fantomah, Freelance, PItiful Human-Lizard, Northguard, Agents Of P.A.C.T and Fallen Suns – against the threat of alien race, the Borealis. Having observed Earth from afar, the Borealis arrive to pass judgement on humankind – a failure, too dangerous to be allowed to live. However, despite our flaws, Captain Canuck and the heroes of the Chapterverse still believe humans are worth saving.

AOD Collectibles limited edition of only 500 copies with a B&W cover by Dale Keown.